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March 26, 2007
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Gears and Sprockets by jetbunny Gears and Sprockets by jetbunny
I wanted some decent gear and sprocket brushes, but I couldn't find any I I made them myself.

This is my first foray into the world of brush-making, but I'll probably try it again some time. Depends on whether or not I need anything. It didn't take too long, either...just some minor modifications to some gear/sprocket photos, some desaturation here and there, a couple tutorials on saving brushes and brush sets...boom, new set of brushes for Mary. Hoorays for Photoshop CS, and all that whatnot.

Feel free to use if you credit me for the brushes...or not. I really don't care.

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searchforutopia Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013
killer gears.  Thank you
DasteRoad Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2011
Pretty good work! This is just what I needed for a series of pinups from a steampunk-themed comic I have in mind. Thanks! Downloaded them, I'll credit you and link you when I'll use them :D
aioshimike Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2010
thnx for the brush
i have use them here:[link]
SparksMcGhee Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2009
asriella13 Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2008
Thank for your brush. I've used some here [link]
zetuei Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2008
do these work with photoshop 7? if not does anyone know where i could get similar ones for photoshop 7
jetbunny Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2008
The brushes should work with Photoshop 7 just fine, since the brush files are all the same file type for every version of Photoshop (I think). Plus, I used to have 7 and they worked for me. :D
Nikkolaoes Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2008   Photographer
Borrowing =)
m40a2 Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2007
thank you!!
tetso Featured By Owner May 13, 2007
hey, iv downloaded this, but i dont know what i hav to do to use them, can u explain it to me plz?
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